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Milou Chery / Owner, Ceo, Founder

Milou Chery Biography
CEO, Founder & Web Radio Talk Show Host/ Broadcaster

LouLou Chery is a web radio broadcaster best known for hosting Coin Des Amoureux for nearly a decade.
Born in Haiti, grew up in Gaithersburg, Maryland and now lives in New York since late 2011. In the early 2000’s he started exploring the social media world looking for Haitian interaction. He found a couple of website ( everythinghaitian.com and Brikouri.com ) which he labeled Haitian oasis of social media. Because they offered him the escaped he was looking for, by interacting with friends in chat rooms, forums while listening to music and live shows.
In early 2004 web radio streaming was inroduced to him by ” Kazoom Radio ” who began to interact with members on brikouri.com. Loulou was intrigued by the camaraderie between the members of brikouri.com in its chatroom and the show host of Kazoom Radio. Then he decided this was something he was going to do.
It wasn’t until early 2009 he started searching for ways to start his own web radio. Loulou and his friends started an event promoting company in Maryland called Earthquakeproductions which worked in affiliation with Done Deal Event Promotions to provide service to the MD, VA and DC area. While working with Earthquake Productions he started to add music to its website thus the name Kompa Lakay Radio was born.
In late 2009 the idea to create Kompa Lakay Radio was born. After many days and nights of research, he stumbled on a website called listen2myradion.com where they allow people to open a free web radio with limited listeners and space . After a few months of trial and error he decided to make Kompa Lakay Radio official with the help of his good friend Franck.
In November 2010, his friend Markevens visited him in Maryland where he proposed a partnership with Mark who also already had web radio called Planet Kompa. Markevens agreed to come on board on November 21, 2010 where kompalakayradio.com was officially recognized as a web radio station.
In the beginning, Loulou solely managed every aspect of KLR FM. He was the only show host where he hosted several shows such as Samedi Antistress, Anbians Mizikal, Rush Hour, Late Night Hours, Brase Lide/Meltin’ Pot, Lakay Naval, P’ti bal Du Samedi/KLR Fm Samedi Soir Live and Coins Des Amoureux, and now l’heure De Pointe which includes Lundi Nouveaute, Mardi Retro and Jeudi Zouk.
Loulou Chery continues to serve the Haitian community through his shows that are aired on sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays.
The Future
In the future first, Loulou Chery wants to expend KLR FM whre there are subsation in every states and country where there are Haitian communities. Secondly, would love to open an orphenage in Haiti where he can offer young children the opportunity to get an education, the sense of community, caring for one another.