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Push’m Up Entertainment

PUSH’ M UP ENTERTAINMENT is a family business owned and operated by Entrepreneur Mathieu Daniel. Mathieu is (CEO/Chairmen) of PUSH’M UP ENTERTAINMENT. Mathieu is also a (Poetry writer, Songwriter, Playwright, recording/mixing Engineer and Promoter. PUSH’ M UP ENTERTAINMENT is currently located in the US and is known as the number one entertainment business designated to serve you. At PUSH’ M UP ENTERTAINMENT, we understand that this could be the beginning step towards showing your talent or working towards achieving your goals. As a result, we have created the best pathway for you to accomplish just that.

  • PUSH’M UP ENTERTAINMENT provides services for all types of entertainments including the promotion and advertisement for all types of events. In addition, PUSH’ M UP ENTERTAINMENT helps new and undiscovered artists of any age make their debut during various talent shows, modeling shows, Hip Hop and R&B contests, Dance performances and standup comedy shows.
  • PUSH’M UP ENTERTAINMENT provides free opportunity to upcoming artists to showcase their talents several times a year. Usually this is done during live performances and in the presence of live camera crews in front of a live audience. As a result, our audition sessions usually attract numerous contestants with a variety of talents. Therefore, the purpose of running auditions is to downsize our roster to the number of contestants that we can accommodate during our events or the number of people that we can manage under our contracts. Our panel will only select people who we feel are the right candidates for any particular event/contracts. Our selections are based on the conduct, talent, performance, regard, and the enthusiasm of the contestants, or the person. Only selected contestants or person will be allowed to perform at our events or will be under agreement with us.
  • Contestants who are under 18 years of age may sign up for auditions, be under agreement and may attend our events only under the supervisions and the full consents of legal a guardian(s).No contestants under 18 years of age will be under agreement or allowed in any events unless accompanied by a legal guardian(s).
  • PUSH’ M UP ENTERTAINMENT holds two or more talent shows per year, manages artists and promotes and organizes events. Auditioning or wining on one of our shows does not guarantee you a performance slot in the next upcoming talent show. Contestants must re-audition if (s/he) wishes to participate in the next upcoming event.
  • PUSH’M UP ENTERTAINMENT do not promote the act of underage drinking, smoking, drugs use, physical or sexual assault, gang violence, acts of larceny, prejudice, or the bullying of others. We are doing our best to prevent any occurrence of these acts listed above during our events or while a person or people (is/are) under agreement with us. We also condemn the possession of fire arms, knives and or any weapons during our live events or while conducting businesses with PUSH’M UP ENTERTAINMENT. In conjunction with law enforcement personals, we also have a security staff that is well train to apprehend and prevent any individual from smuggling weapons into our premises or in our live events. In addition, our staff will work to stop any illegal activities during these live events.
  • Our live events usually attract people of any age, sex, race, ethnicity or personalities. As a result, we may experience some unusual occurrences at times. PUSH’M UP ENTERTAINMENT cannot be held accountable for injuries, death, or any psychological damages caused by any unusual occurrences or any acts not committed by our staff.