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Artist Promotions

$ 50 One Time
  • 1 interview ( 30 mns)
  • Flier posting ( facebook, instagram )
  • Track promotions ( 1 month on daily rotation playing every 2 hours)
  • Sale link for purchaseto site ( ie itunes, cd baby etc.)
  • Youtube ( Video if provided by artist)


$ 550 / YR
  • For all businesses ( Restaurants, Retails, Hair/nail salon, Barbershops
  • Flier promotion ( provided by business owner)
  • Flier + Link ( website )+ social Media
  • Voice Over Over ( provided by business owner) + Client web link + flier + voice Over rotation every 2 hours
  • Flier pozsted on klr fm and social media Flier pozsted on klr fm and social media ( provided by client) + Link to Client website + 1 Live interview ( via phone, skype, Facebook)
  • Ultricies Sodales


$ 29 / Month
  • Elementum Lacinia
  • Magna Rhoncus Etiam Gravida Leo
  • Scelerisque Facilisis & Ultricies
  • Praesent Imperdiet Quisque
  • Primis Facilisis
  • Ultricies Sodales

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